Draft Line Cleaning

Color-changing, powdered caustic cleaner specifically designed for draft beer lines

New Belgium Approved

The only color-changing chemical cleaner permitted for use with New Belgium Brewing draft products.

No Testing

If you can tell the difference between yellow and blue, you can tell if it’s dirty or clean. The dramatic color change leaves no doubt.

Pre-measured Packet

One 3.4 oz. packet per gallon. Easy to carry, easy to use, easy to store.

Iron Clad Science

Predetermined pH levels trigger the color change.

Veracity is available in any quantity you need: from 35-pack boxes to drop-shipped pallets. And you can trust the chemicals and the science behind them because it’s from Alpha Chemical Services. A leader in beverage and food processing sanitation for over 40 years.

Veracity Powdered Caustic Cleaner

Purpose-built for the unique needs of the draft beer line cleaning industry. Available in 45, 100 and 400 packets plastic containers for easy transportation and storage. Use 3.4 ounces (one packet), per gallon of water, to achieve 2% caustic in solution.

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